Detailed Experiences

"If you can drive it, we can shine it!"

Experience one of our details that fits your needs!

Exterior Detail: only $30!

High pressured water will be transferred through a filtration system to prevent water spotting, and that's only the beginning! As the water flows down your vehicle it also loosens dirt and debris from the surface. A wash and wax shampoo will fill one bucket, and a second bucket will hold a dirt trap and fresh water, which will ensure no scratching or swirling the paint. As the perfectly mixed shampoo is lathered onto your vehicle, the shine will instantly become noticeable! After rinsing, your vehicle will be dried through various techniques. Last but certainly not least, the tires are dressed and windows are cleaned. You're now ready to cruise the city with a beautifully shined vehicle that looks like it belongs on a showroom floor!

Express Detail: only $50!

All the amazing perks of our exterior detail, plus your interior suctioned by a 6hp shop vacuum, that will suck your pants off! It will definitely dislodge all of the dirt and debris that lies in your vehicle! The interior of your vehicle will receive a throughout cleaning plus a cool mist of odor eliminator!

Full Detail: only $150!

This is the whole shebang! Your vehicle will receive all the amazing perks of an express detail with the addition of seat being shampooed and extracted, surface disinfection, gas cap detail, and interior dressing plus protection!

Full Interior Detail: only $85

You will be surprised and disgusted of the amount of germs and bacteria that calls your vehicle home! Well Double M Solutions is the landlord and its time to evict those yucky germs! With high class products, your whole interior will be sanitized, dressed and brought back to life! This service includes seats being shampooed and extracted!

Engine Cleaning/Dressing: only$30!

Highly concentrated cleaner will penetrate all that engine "gunk" and build up, before being carefully rinsed away. Lastly, vinyl protectant will be applied to as a barrier to future "gunk" whilst producing a beautiful shine!!

Headlight Restoration: $25/$45

Is your headlights oxidized and fuzzy looking? Well with Double M Solutions that is no problem! Through various grades of sanding and polishing, your headlights will definitely blind the oncoming traffic!

Water Spot Removal: $40

With the use of specific chemicals, your vehicle will receive an exterior detail plus an additional decontamination wash, which will dissolve the rain spots that have been etched into the clear coat.