The M Behind The M

The Double M Experience

There are a few actions that distinguish Double M Solutions from any other business or service provider. You are not receiving a car wash with Double M Solutions, it is so much more than something so simple. Our pride lies within our persistent determination to not only provide a thorough detail but also provide our client, you, an experience like no other. Double M Solutions was founded in the middle of the pandemic, this proves that nothing, not even a global pandemic is a problem for Double M Solutions! Double M Solutions is dedicated to two of the most loving, hardworking, caring men that I had the pleasure of knowing. The late Mr. Derrick Thirkhill, a refreshing ray of light with a joyous presence that was nothing less than contagious! The late Mr. Carl Bennett, a determined skillful man who ran his home remolding business (Carl's Painting and Remolding) until his last days! Double M Solutions embodies a joyous presence, an abundance of positivity and a vibe that you cannot help but to be a part of, just as Mr. Derrick Thirkhill had. Double M Solutions dominates the will power to never give in, the mental toughness to not quit, and the determination to never settle for anything beyond great, just as Mr. Carl Bennett did. You will be provided with an experience that speaks volume, whether its your first service or your 100th service! Double M Solutions was founded by Mr. Malik D. Bennett, a very intelligent, respectful, determined young man. Double M Solutions may have a substantial amount of odds stacked against us, such as being owned by a young black man with no prior business experience beyond March 11, 2021, our founding date! With the unbreakable dedication of Malik D. Bennett, nothing less of excellence will flow abundantly through Double M Solutions!

We look forward to having you as a client! Thank you for you support and business!

-Malik D. Bennett "Double M Solutions"

Owner/Operator: Mr. Malik D. Bennett